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Product Development / Manufacturing : BioTech - High Science - Consumer

  • Highly skilled Multi-disciplinary Engineers
  • Experience from subtask/module to running projects or departments
  • Fully equiped Lab with Electronic and Mechanical capital equipment
  • Vast network of vetted and highly competent complementary associates

Clients-Past Work

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Novel devices to monitor Space Shuttle hull integrity. Space Appllications - Micropower datalogging and RF transmission - multi-year sole source contracts.

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Arrayit Inc Pioneers in the field of DNA and Protein Microarrays

Turnkey development of multiple Capital Equipment products including: high precision microarraying instruments and fluorescent microscopy devices.

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Sanger Centre - Welcome Trust - Medical Research Council Human Genome Sequencing Program

Developed multiple hardware platforms for high throughput processing of DNA samples, including magnetic bead preps, Colony pickers and Microarrayers

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QUASAR USA Leaders in the fields of E-Field Sensing

Developed Manufacturing Production Techniques - Documentation - Production Lines for Quasars novel Free Space and BioElectric field sensors.

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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Human Genome Sequencing Program

Developed high throughput PCR Instrumentation, Agarose Gel Analysis and Colony Picking Systems

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Schlumberger Downwell Telemetry Devices

Developed unique micropower high temperature electronics payloads for sensing temperatures and pressures in downwell environments

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Johnson & Johnson Optical Measuring Device

Developed unique measuring device for a proprietary application


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